How to bet?

How to join?

You can register using the registration forms available from this website. You will become a member by filling the personal data in the applicable fields according to the requirements. Immediately after you enter a correct email and accurate password, we will confirm your registration and recapitulate the password to the email you have provided. By registration, you will be logged in immediately for the first time and will be offered to choose your membership programme. When you make the selection, you will be redirected to the payment gateway, where the fee can be paid in several ways. Importantly, you should use the same email as that you used for registering, and the payment should be completed with automatic redirection back to your membership interface. In case you place a payment under a different email or if you leave the payment gateway, the membership section will not be activated for you.

How to log in

To log in your section, click in the upper menu on > My profile, then enter the registered email and the password that corresponds to the password in the confirming email. In case you have not bought any membership programme yet, you will be offered to select one of the programmes and will proceed according to the preceding instructions in the registration section. If your membership has already been activated, you will be shown an overview of hot tips. Information about when your membership will cease to be active can be viewed in the upper right-hand corner.

How to bet

All data necessary for betting on a match will always be visible in your active membership section. Any relevant matches can be found easily through the search engine of your bookmaker and by entering one of the teams indicated in the tip. After it is evaluated, the tip will always be transferred to the overview of previous tips, with the appropriate result. You should always make sure that your bet corresponds to the respective tip.